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Exploring the potential destinations of Thatta

By Syeda Lubabah Shaukat 2 years agoNo Comments
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I have always wanted to unravel the mysteries that Thatta holds within its ancient soil. Historically, it is the most significant province of Pakistan, and THAT became the source of my interest!

I also got an opportunity to sail through the ancient world of Thatta.
What exactly is so mysterious about Thatta?
– Its some of the largest lakes of the world
– Its the heritage of Sufism in the air
– Its the debris of the old ostentatious civilizations


Everybody knows about the Indus river that flows all the way from North of Pakistan through Sindh to Arabain Sea. But besides the river; Do you know how many lakes are there in Sindh? The answer is many. Though, I could cover only 2, sadly!

Haleji Lake

96.1 km away from Karachi
It is a very pleasant lake. The only black spot in the destination is the number of plastic bottles and bags dumped there. Besides that, its a must visit lake and also not so far from Karachi. But.. Beware, swimming is not recommended there, Crocodiles you know!🤷‍♀

Keenjhar Lake

122 km away from Karachi
Spread over the area of 135 km square
Ahh! Going there was such a delight that everybody deserves to taste. The serene air and blue clean water; God who can resist drowning in there? Ps. Don’t drown just swim for an hour and let the sun shine upon you.
There is a mystery about the lake that cannot be over- looked and that is, the islands in the lake!. BUT wait.. what about the islands? Trust me there are 2 solid tombs in 2 separate islands. If you have the quest of adventure just like i have, you will definitely pack up your things immediately and reach out to isolated tombs to be exlored! (Make it a night stay, you wont regret)


It is one one largest site of necropolis in the world
I know it is not a very good idea to hang out with the dead or take an afternoon walk with them, among 1 MILLION Sepulcher. There is something hypnotic about the architectonics of the Sepulchres that you feel completely lost there!

So, pack your stuff right now and get ready to witness all of this!

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