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Rejoicing on ruins

By Syeda Abqurah Shaukat 2 years agoNo Comments
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Mohenjo Daro

Did you ever want to be in a creepy place? A place deserted by its inhabitants two thousand years ago without the trace of how all of them vanished into thin air? People, what I am talking about is a place called “Mohen Jodaro” in Larkana district which literally translates to “A mountain of dead”. And if that is not what might creep you out about that place, let me tell you that the walls you are seeing in this very picture were built by people who vanished two thousand years ago which makes these walls, well too ancient. Now, you might have come across with this name because of that the movie and how at the end a flood swept the whole city but of course hero ended up saving the whole civilization. However, this adaptation is not even close to what happened there because in reality no one survived to tell the tale of this unfortunate city. According to history, the city was the most developed area of its time and citizens lived in a double story house with heaters similar to this time. Their sewage system was so advanced that all the pipes were sealed and directly leading to their dumping place. People, I am talking about a civilization which existed in this very area of Sindh where even now all the gutters are blowing and if you have ever been to interior Sindh, then you must have seen their filthy sewage system.

When I got a chance to visit this famous place, I could not turn down the offer. The place was huge, ruins of the houses that were homes to families centuries ago. There was a public pool as well which is said to be the first ever pool in our history. The museum was filled with pots, jewelries, toys and crockeries discovered in the area. There were scriptures on the display, written in a language which is to this date not deciphered.

There were many tourists wandering around like this creepy place is not effecting them all but it bothered me a lot. How was everyone just calmly walking as if it was a public park? I have been to many places but what I felt there was nothing I ever felt before. The breezes were so dead and not a single bird or animal could be seen. I am pretty sure that the city like “Mohenjodaro” did not know they will vanish into thin air. The bazars they walk in everyday would be erased from earth, the home they lock every night to keep them safe from intruders; will be a tourist site welcoming people to guess the tale of the unfortunate inhabitants. They never could have guessed that history will not even know the actual name of the city and instead this place would be called “A mountain of dead”.

I could not help but wonder that isn’t this what world is like? After few thousand years we will also perish and our homes would become an archeological wonder. The plates we eat in, the bed we sleep in, the mobile and all the gadgets we use will be on the display to amuse visitors how people lived in ancient times. What if we also become a mystery to solve because I can clearly see that no one would be able to decipher our language Urdu. What if this world forget our names? Just like us the civilizations before us believed the glory is forever. Lets aim to do something which would earn us a golden name in History so that we never leave this earth, not even when our soul departs. And if we earn a name then our belongings would be in museum but those won’t be there just to amuse visitors, just so they may know how a nameless civilization lived; but to inspire people about you. So lets aim to do something which will make us immortal.

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