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Water in the desert

By Syeda Abqurah Shaukat 2 years agoNo Comments
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Balochistan? What comes into your mind when you hear this word, Balochistan? The biggest province of Pakistan or the most remote and violent province of Pakistan? These were my thoughts a few years ago until it all changed. When I heard that we were going to spend five days of winter vacations in the remote sites of Balochistan, it blew my mind. Is Balochistan even a place for tourism as compare to what beauty we have in the north of Pakistan. What beauty lies in the desert?

It was a long ride from Karachi to Quetta, however, Quetta was not our destiny. Our aim was to dive into the heart of this enormous desert.

Ahead of Ziarat, a fathomless desert awaited us. It was actually nothing as compare to what I had seen in Northern areas because it was a distinctive exceptional wonderland. Brown and barren mountains stood so high and proud. Sun was scorching and yet the breeze was chilly and penetrating in veins. There were no roads so the jeep just kept swinging throughout the journey and our gaze kept searching for that one thing we “Karachi Waaley” consider most scenic; water! Yes, we Karachi Waaley love water, sea, waterfall, lake, river in short anything that includes crystal blue water is a picnic point. However, since it was the end of December, few ponds and lakes that they had were dried up. We wandered for hours and travelled far ahead of Harnai to coal mines and all the workers in the mines started gathering around us because they never thought that there place was beautiful enough to attract tourists. Anyway, lets keep it to the search of water because we wandered for two days and finally decided to get back to Quetta. On our way back from Ziarat, the local driver stopped the car in the middle of nowhere and asked us to step out. After getting out of the car, we saw many stairs craved into a mountain. Take it from me, the place was so deserted that not a single human being was there. The only sound was of the wind gushing. Driver asked us to climb those stairs, because he wanted us to explore something and what else did we need? Exploring is what we live for.
After climbing like 200 stairs we reached to the top and there it was! The most beautiful and bluest lake I had ever seen. We were just enchanted by the calmness and charm that lake held. I don’t remember how long we stayed there but I can still picture how captivated we were.

Now, I know Balochistan is all dangerous and gloomy (not talking about coast line) but at least once travelers should go to that part and if you happen to visit Ziarat, do visit this “unnamed” lake which will be waiting just as calmly for you.

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